Monthly Archive: December 2013


She replays memories like favourite songs.
They bubble to the surface, and they exorcise themselves, unbidden, unwanted.
She plays her song over and over again
Reduced to a child she tells us about her life in Scotland
Her father, her brother, her sisters.
She looks for them, a macabre hide and seek for the demented.
They died years ago, yet still they hide from her, just out of sight.

Haze clouding the way home

A list of divinities and beautiful things:-
will cause lashes to flutter; make angels sprout wings;
the heart trembles happiness, and gently will sigh,
and a feeling inside that you just can’t deny.
Soft violet sky across harsh desert plain,
thunder heralding the end of waiting for rain.
That desolate feeling when someone’s not here
(that’s the start of a drought, and rainmarked by tears).
The dip of a hip and open mouthed kiss,
The righting of something that’s long been remiss.
Knowing you’re able to meander the time
to decipher the meanings under the rhyme.
The ocean as day sky succumbs to the night
when peace invades, dark surrenders to light.
And dawn, when in balance, the world simply hangs
between waking and sleep with no bitter pangs
of regret, or anger, or words of sorrow
just smooth transition into tomorrow.
These things will help you sift through the haze
and negotiate through the less sunshiney days.

Rose Coloured Glasses

In the late afternoon
you are awash with colour.
Rose-tea tinted light
splashes through
curtains and stains
you with the setting sun;
a living water colour
laid out before me.
I yearn to trace the
contours of you;
to feel you living
beneath my fingers.
I want to yield to
your gentle hands.