Monthly Archive: January 2014

Little one

when you were little
I told you we could fly:
I wasn’t so much
making jest,
as watching
you fly
while I stood earthboundand
marvelled your loops
and dives.

Tonight while I
fix my wings with wax;
and you fix yours with some
amazing heat resistant
lightweight polymer
know this:

I believe in you beyond
a thousand suns lifetimes
burning into fiery eternity;

And beyond the river
that flows the same path
for time upon time,
eventually cuts a
deeper, more satisfying and
permanent way through.

Remember, my darling,
you are the big picture
painted in the colours of
the sky and the land.

You will succeed.
You will find love.
You will be the light that
everyone looks for
and to.

I know this, because
you are part
of me.

The art of not settling

I watched them argue
at the table, alcohol fuelled
and vicious.
Though tongues were slurred
the import was nonetheless
clear. The need to
wound the other greater
than the need for compassion
and mutual understanding.
Later, I saw her in the bathroom
redfaced and deadeyed –
and I thanked whoever it was
that instilled it in me
not to settle.


Bereft of soft vision we circle each other –
cats ready to pounce, or eagles circling to snatch
prey from the safe ground.

I gave it willingly.
I hung my heart on the butcher hook and watched
it die a drawn out cold death swinging softly
in the room without windows.

Sex becomes revenge,
exacting metered punishment
lost in tangled limbs,
and all hope is pulled out from
the root.