Monthly Archive: September 2014


I wake at night suddenly.
Metallic fear hot upon my tongue
and burning insides.
what woke me, I know not what
has woken me, only that my
mind is overflowing with
worries both real and
And by the dull glow of the
streetlamps outside I
am convinced the world
is coming to an end.

Salt water

Tremulously it washes over
what is tenuously
a memory,
Fragility in naming,
I break spider webs
beneath the nothing weight
of false promises.
I am left bereft
and out of place.

A habit, a placeholder
and another way to get from
here to there
with the tempo of the clouds
and their purple bruises
hiding only our heat.

Sooner or later this
storm will break.

Longing charts
the territory of oceans
in a heartbeat.
A compass
directly to you.
Navigation without a direction,
direction sans destination.

My upturned face
is tattooed with salty water
and spring rain.


Insubstantial incandescent flame
coalesced around the tremulous wick.
Protected from salty breezes by
gently cupped hands.

Extinguished by a mere clap
of thunder pervading the atmosphere.
Ozone prickling the senses
and instilling sense of clarity
that comes when the rain washes
everything away