Monthly Archive: January 2015

Muscle Museum

The museum by night is different by far to how it is by day. By day there is the hum of the living, of the bustling of people, of scientists and adminstrators and curators going about their business. There is the throngs of crowds, of university students and private school children alike.

By night the dead rule.

As the group split up- the undead Seamus and completely alive (and plucky) Deirdre taking the main floor and Archie and Kelly the offices above to find the ignoble Dr Noble, another strode through the place, impatiently. His patience was a virtue that had long been disposed. His four pretties were waiting for him, amongst the nest of those considered slightly less pretty, but who chewed flesh and tendon and hair and bone and left only shiny pearly bones.

This night, though, with the humdrum of the blows under the ground; things are different. He was more likely to be discovered, then his worst nightmares will come true. They will come with shovels and torches and possibly devices of execution and they would kill him. It is Noble’s fault. They will come. And then, after he is dead and buried, they will exhume his backyard indelicately, and they will find his secrets. His hundreds of secrets.

Noble and Ignatious Jones had an agreement: Erstwhile would dispose, Noble’s deeds would be hidden. It was a win/win situation

Not any more: New York was roiling under forces just barely masked that the world had yet to see truly realised


The museum by night is far different to how it is during the day. It is easier to hide, and shadows loom larger, and there is no need for the blue visitors passes pinned to coats. There is little politeness and more familiarity, there is almost strangers by day and unrequited lovers by night. There was a police investigation by day and a personal vendetta to save the world by night.

Archie and Kelly stole their way up the familiar by now staircase, Kelly freezing at every creak, every whistle of the breeze along vast corridors, every reflection on shiny wood surface. It occurred to her that she was being silly after all the brave man by her side and she had been through over the last few days. Once or twice, she reached for his arm, just to squeeze it, to make sure he was still there.

As Archie and Kelly reached the corridor to Dr Nobles office, they could see light from under the door. Here they paused, standing in the shadows, silently debating their next steps. It was a short debate, another person was there in the dark museum. A person who approached from the other side and opened Noble’s office door without ceremony. A person in a white lab coat and with a shock of grey hair.


An excerpt from the most amazing co-write — horrors of cthulhu the as yet unwritten tales.