Monthly Archive: March 2015


I’m sorry to tell you
I’m afraid I missed
the last goodbye
or open mouthed kiss.

I am afraid I wanted
You to be right
surrender accountability
without a fight.

I’m afraid that I wanted
me to be more
Let’s start at the beginning
I’ve been there before

Wayward angels

Clouds alight with wildfire.
I stand on my cliff,
still breathing heavily
and dewy-misty.
Lightning of my own crackling
through fast twitch muscles.
Infinity in the blink of an eye,
exploding over the horizon.
Lighting the clouds from above
silhouetting wayward angels.

Lone grave

I would have drowned
if only you asked;
To have succumbed to you;
and gasped my last
breath of dangerous scented air
to have fallen without care.
A flash of a blade
and crimson wrists;
Bloodflowers bloom
and die unkissed.
Beneath desert sands
those seeds still lie.
I weathered the storm.
I did not die.