It’s me, yo.

Building a better web. Author. Chick. Energetic. Irrepressible. Word dork.

Busy is the best way to describe me. I have a messy, lovely, life. I’m up at the crack of dawn, some exercise to counteract my sedentary job, plus it keeps me firing on all cylinders, have an active life and I keep a house a home.

But, there is more. There has to be.

Words compel me. I am never without a notepad, or – these days – a device. Though I am a castaway on weekends, people intrigue  me, the human condition, the bonds we create the decisions we make, the sheer sweaty, smelly resilience of people is absolutely a drug. To the point where often I need to force myself to step back and enjoy a moment, rather than analyse why I enjoy it rather than simply partaking in it.

So I do it in my writing.

I believe that everybody has a price and everybody has a secret.  That the body often betrays the heart – there’s no shock of horror without arousal, no broken heart without a secret relief, no exchange of glances without a hidden meaning, irrespective of whether the protagonists know what they mean or not. There’s no harm that you can do to another without some harm being done to you. There’s a sweet, sweaty arrogance in the human condition that is both joyful and vaguely repulsive.

And that’s what I’m doing here.

I know I’m probably talking exclusively to myself. Haha

But if I’m not, and there’s something in these pages of reeking doggerel that agrees with you, and you are looking for a person to bounce off, to create intrigue and worlds, email me at and I’ll email you right back.

Books by Me:

Foundation Form Creation for Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES  If you like interactive PDFs then this is the book for you! If you are like most people on the planet who find them boring, you’re probably better off doing something else with your time.

The Essential Guide to Flash CS 4 This book takes all the good bits of Flash CS4 and demonstrates them in methodical and intuitive exercises full of hints and tips for streamlining the creative process.


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